E-LEARNING PLATFORM (www.citnelearning.org)

The e-learning platform provide members and other stakeholders of the Institute the opportunity to study and update their knowledge and skills in taxation from the comfort of their homes and offices via digital devices.

The platform is designed with intuitive features like e-learning materials in PDF, Audio and video format respectively, Computer based test, e-library and document management, online payments and e-receipt, e-certificates, feedback and support system, SMS and Email integration etc. In designing this platform, we considered usability and mobile friendliness and assure you of its versatility and fitness for purpose.

In addition, this platform serves as an avenue for members of the Institute to earn credit hours by their participation in the online training and as well know the total credit hours attained for attendance at the Institute’s programmes and activities.

Members can now login to register for e-MPTP and after its completion, the required credit hours will be assigned.

Members applying for Practicing license, fellowship and other applications of the Institute in which credit hours are prerequisite for their approvals are enjoined to take advantage of the platform.

Students of the Institute are not left out as useful examination materials will be uploaded to the platform from time to time in order to equip them to pass the Institute’s examinations.

For students of the Institute, preparing and passing CITN exams has been made easy as useful exams materials will be uploaded on this platform.