Exemption Guidelines/Fees


  1. Go to www.citn.org
  2. Input your username and password in “member login area” (A registered Student who is yet to have username and password should request for same by sending a mail to studentaffairs@citn.org.  Use the username and password to update your profile and pay your subscription due.  Without performing this initial process, you cannot proceed to register for the exemption.)
  3. Click ‘Register for exemption’
  4. ‘Choose your qualification’
  5. Students will be required to upload their credentials duly endorsed by a financial member on the portal
  6. The page of the subjects you are to be exempted will automatically come up
  7. Students are to tick all the courses they intend to be exempted from.
  8. The cumulative amount to pay is indicated beneath
  9. Click on ‘Proceed to payment’ where a 19 digits reference code will be generated.


Where the qualification is not included in the exemption qualification as indicated below, such student will be required to send in his/her transcript either in hard copy directly to the office of the Registrar/ Chief Executives or send by soft copy to exams@citn.org and such a student will be given exemption on subject-by-subject basis.



Exemption form fee                          4,000.00       

Per Subject Fees                              7,000.00

Professional Taxation 1

Exemption form fee                          4,000.00       

Per Subject Fees                              9,000.00

Professional Taxation 2

Exemption form fee                            4,000.00       

Per Subject Fees                                10,000.00