Credit Hours Checker

The following is the policy of the Institute for Credit Hours:
1. Members without requisite 35 Credit Hours in the previous year or a cumulative of 105 Credit Hours over previous 3 years will not be able to:
a. Sponsor Students seeking to be registered with the Institute
b. Endorse Students’ registration forms
c. Sign new members’ application form
d. Apply for Practicing License
e. Apply for Transfer to Fellow
f. Sponsoring Candidates for Council Election
g. Be eligible for nomination/contesting Council Election
h. Be eligible for nomination into Committee or Sub-Committee of Council
i. Be eligible for nomination into Executive Committee or Committee or Sub- Committee of Districts Societies/Chapters of the Institute

2. Members, who are deficient in the yearly MPTP Credit Hours requirement are expected to make up the deficiency at the next available programme to avoid sanctions or attend a make-up training programme to be organized for that purpose. However, this will not qualify members for sponsoring Candidates to Council if it is done less than 3 months to the date of sponsoring.

It is mandatory for every member of the Institute to attend and participate in the Mandatory Professional Training Programme (MPTP) and other training programmes organized by the Institute which is grouped into Structured and Unstructured.

Below are the credit hours as allocated for participation at the various programmes.
Structured Credit Hours
1. MPTP – 12
2. Webinar MPTP – 12
3. Learning MPTP (Online MPTP) Per Paper – 4
4. Quarterly luncheon with paper presentations – 4
5. Annual Tax Conference – 24
6. Academic Conference with Paper Presentation – 12
7. District meeting with Technical session – 2
8. CITN TAX Academy Training & Seminar – 4
9. Budget Workshop – 2
10. JDS Zonal Conference – 16
11. International Conference relating to Tax – 16
12. Forum of Firms/Tax Faculty’s one-day seminar – 8
13. Chairman of Session (MPTP)/Discussant at the Institutes Programmes i.e. MPTP, ATC etc – 8
14. Technical Retreats – 4/day

Unstructured Credit Hours
15. Annual General Meeting – 4
16. Annual Dinner/ District Society Annual Dinner – 2
17. Council/EXCO Meeting – 4
18. Committee/Faculties Meeting – 2
19. Examination Exercises:
a. Pool Setting/Moderation of questions assessment – 4
b. Assessment of Pathfinder – 4
c. Marking – 4
20. Administrative Retreats – 2

Maintenance of MPTP requirement is fundamental for the issuance of Letter of Good Standing by the Institute.

Participation at the Council/Committee meetings would entitle each member to a maximum of 12 credit hours yearly.

Members, who are deficient in the yearly requisite credit hours are expected to make it up at the next available programme to avoid sanctions.

NOTE: Out of the compulsory 35units credit hours, at least 24units must be from structured.