Entry for the Institute’s Examinations is open to all registered student members of the Institute. A registered student member is however expected to have paid the regular annual subscription and entry fees in force at the date of entry.

  1. Go to www.citn.org
  2. Input your username and password in “member login area” (A registered Student who is yet to have a username and password should request for same by sending a mail to studentaffairs@citn.org. Use the username and password to update your profile and pay your subscription due. Without performing this initial process, you cannot proceed to register for the examination.) Click 'Register for an examination’
  3. Choose an examination centre, and then 'choose an examination’
  4. Students will be required to upload their signatures on the portal
  5. The page of the subjects you are to write will automatically come up
  6. Students are to tick the courses they intend to write
  7. Click on 'Proceed to payment' where a 19 digits reference code will be generated.
The new credit system stipulates that candidate can sit for any number of papers up to four at a particular level. However, a candidate must finish a level before proceeding to another. That candidate must pass a minimum of one (1) paper out of the four papers. Candidate will be credited with the paper(s) previously passed.
There will be opportunity to re-write the remaining papers at subsequent examinations subject to a limited time period. Candidate writing the Professional Examinations would have a maximum of eight (8) years to pass all levels of examinations within which candidate will be credited with earlier passed papers.
Please note that candidate will have to start the examination afresh if unable to satisfy this condition within the specified period. Any candidate who passes one paper out of all the papers written would be credited with that paper subject to the provision that the candidate must apply to sit for all papers he/she would have been eligible to participate in the diet. On completion of examination, candidate must have fulfilled a total credit requirement of 36units.

All students should note the following as regards application for deferment of Examination:
  • Application for deferment must be in writing indicating the student’s names and registration number.
  • Application must be received not less than 14 days to the closing date of the examination of that particular diet.
  • You cannot defer your examination for more than one diet, it means it is compulsory you take the next diet of the examination, else you forfeit the deferment.
  • There is no partial deferment, (i.e not particular subject(s) out of the number registered), you can only defer all the subjects you registered or you sit for the examination of all the subjects.
  • When writing in the subsequent diet, you will pay for Registration (non-refundable) fee into our Zenith Bank Account number 1010147149 as detailed below:
    1. Foundation Level-----N8,000
    2. PTE 1 Level---------------N10,000
    3. PTE 2 Level---------------N12,000

    4. Failure to write in the next diet, you will forfeit all the exams fees paid and you will be required to register afresh for all the intended subjects.