Important Information: Concessionary Privileges, New Initiatives of the Institute & Guide on Subscription Payments

New Year Edition: CITN, Taxation & You (Jan 5, 2023)
December 24, 2022
Seasons Greetings to Our Members and Stakeholders
December 25, 2022

Compliments of the Season to our esteemed members.

As the year, 2022, is drawing to a close, it is imperative that we bring some important information to the attention of members, particularly as regards concessionary privileges, which have been developed pursuant to the Memorandum of Understanding signed by CITN, ICAN and ANAN parties on 31st May, 2022. These concessions, granted by CITN, have resulted into a Special Pathway for ICAN /ANAN Members-in Practice (MIP) to obtain the CITN Practice Licences, Seals and Customised Stamps within a grace period of 3 months effective 1st December 2022, and they are as follows:


1. ICAN/ANAN MIPs, who are also CITN members, with outstanding subscription(s) will be required to pay outstanding CITN subscription(s); while ICAN/ANAN MsIP who are NOT members of CITN shall pay the CITN membership application and Induction fees (N10,000 and N375,000 respectively) and would be eligible to attend the next CITN Induction.

Consequent upon the above, both ICAN/ANAN MsIP who are members and prospective members can apply for CITN Practice Licence through the ICAN/ ANAN Secretariat.

2. The CITN requirement of 36- month timeline for Practice Licence applicants will be waived for ICAN/ ANAN MsIP that will apply for the CITN Practice Licence within the 3- months grace period only.

3. CITN also waives the requirement of 35 hours credit units because ICAN/ANAN already operates a similar guideline for its MsIP.

4. ICAN/ANAN will supply to CITN the CAC and ICAN/ANAN approved names, ICAN/ANAN membership numbers, official addresses (P. O. Box or P. M. B. not acceptable), telephone numbers and email addresses of MsIP concerned.

5. ICAN/ANAN shall administratively supply the required tax working experience of MsIP from the ICAN/ANAN database.

6. CITN waives the requirement for CITN endorsed District Society forms as a requirement for application under the grace period only.

7. CITN shall grant a concessionary fee amounting to 50% of the CITN Practice Licence application fee of N120,000. This means that ICAN/ANAN MsIP applying through ICAN/ANAN administrative processes within the grace period shall be required to pay only N60,000 through the ICAN/ANAN Secretariat.

8. The grace period will elapse on 28th February, 2023.

9. All the above concessions have been agreed with our sister bodies in the light of advancing professionalism in the Nigerian Tax system.


Watch out for the following initiatives of the Institute in the year 2023

i. The Digital Membership ID Card and the e-Membership Year Book:
Details of the initiative which will enhance your value as members would be unveiled soon.

ii. We implore you to maintain the status of being a financial member through prompt payment of your subscriptions as you stand the chance to enjoy some benefits from the Institute, some of which are and not limited to the following:

a. You will be enlisted in the Institute’s WhatsApp Community where you can get up-to-date information on the Institute’s activities, current tax developments, technical materials and much more;

b. Recommendation by the Institute to tax authorities ( applicable to Tax Practitioners) for engagement;

c. Recommendation for employment or contract;

d. Discounted hotels rates, airline tickets and purchase of groceries in major supermarkets via the e-membership ID Card;

e. Inclusion in the e-Membership Year book;

f. First port of call for the Institute’s free webinars and seminars;

g. Opportunity of being selected as a facilitator at CITN’s organised training programmes;

h. Opportunity to serve in any Committee or Faculty of Council;

9. Special recognition for CITN Fellows at the Institute’s programmes; and

10. Opportunity to participate in the Institute’s examination processes (Assessment, invigilation, marking and review exercise).

N. B.
List of financial and non-financial members will be uploaded on the Institute’s website from time to time.

 – Log on to
 – Go to “member login”
 – Log in with username/membership no/e-mail address and password.
 – Click on “RENEW” button to generate your bill
 – Click on “Proceed to Payment” to generate your reference code.
 – Pay online via Globalpay OR pay to the Institutes’ First Bank Account – 2011351834 and scan your teller with the reference code to

The coming year 2023, promises to be more productive, therefore we request your continuous support which will go a long way in enhancing the Institute’s ability to fulfil its mandate in the Nigerian Tax System.

Yours faithfully,
The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria

Adefisayo Awogbade, FCTI
Registrar/Chief Executive

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